Iron Devils

Crime Syndicate

A Zalera Based Heavy RP FC

The Iron Devils, officially a mercenary company under the employ of the Grand Companies of Eorzea and Doma, is said to be nothing more than a banner for criminals and thugs to hide behind. None will deny that they've spilled their fair share of Garlean and Beastmen blood, but there always seem to be "mishaps" or inventory gone missing. Some even say that they use their mercenary status to haul illicit goods back and forth between the East and West, some even claim that they've borne witness to the Devils selling folk to the Beastmen, but of course - it's all hearsay when none are willing or able to testify.

The Iron Devils is a new Rank 8 Heavy RP FC on Zalera. We welcome new and experienced players alike. Due to the mature and graphic nature of crime-based RP, all members must be at least 18 years old to join.

As mentioned before, we're a starting FC with no house as of yet, but one can look forward to a myriad of benefits, as the FC has been ranked to 8. Dual bonuses will run 24/7, as an omni-crafter I can offer help in obtaining gear, dyes, glamours, etc. for free or at cost.

We will host a number of various in-game events and hold contests, such as weekly FFA treasure hunts, RP events and missions, writing and art contests and so much more!

While we do not yet have a house, I am saving gil like a crazy person (as stated above, I am an omnicrafter.), so the moment we can afford a great big place to call home, we'll have one! (Plus it'll be great fun in RPing the house warming, etc.)

Hopefully, I've piqued your interest and you're willing to at least give this carrd thing a bit of a look over and join us should you decide we are a good fit. Thank you!





1. Due to the dark & mature nature of crime, all members must be 18+ years of age to join.

2. Characters must be at least grounded in FFXIV lore.

3. This is primarily an RP FC. Do NOT pressure people into content they do not wish to partake in. This includes RP situations and scenarios.

4. Be respectful. While I am not very politically correct, I do not go out of my way to disrespect anyone based on their gender/orientation/religious views/political views, etc. I expect the same from everyone who joins.

5. Life happens, but do your best to NOT drag your RL drama into the FC. If you need an ear, of course, post in the appropriate channels, but constant drama drum beating will not be tolerated. We're all here to play and have fun.

6. Do not engage in RL illegal activities. I.E. ERP with underage people.

7. Have some common sense.


1. I am an omnicrafter - and will help you gear up, get furniture, and cosmetics - at cost, or for free depending on the required materials.

2. As an omnicrafter - I am drowning in treasure maps. I will allow everyone, even those without a map to join in with FFA rules, meaning potential riches for everyone! (You are joining a criminal syndicate after all.)

3. We do NOT have an FC house yet, but my in-game coffers are slowly filling. It's only a matter of time.

4. As stated, I am not well-versed in end-game content, but if we have people who are interested - they can teach me, and also help organize social/light end-game and/or PVP -- but we'll NEVER require people to partake if they do not wish to.

5. New player friendly!

Once you join our Discord, our bot will bestow upon you the rank of applicant. The Discord isn't empty, though it may seem so. Only after you are interviewed, and deemed a good fit, you will recieve a proper rank which will allow you to see the full Discord.